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New IP3x compliant and certified anti-ligature radiator guard grille design

New Contour anti-lig grille AL2-3X

Our specialist anti-ligature radiator guards, equipped with fully shrouded TRVs, security grilles and tamper-proof fixings to prevent unauthorised access, are widely recognised as setting the standard in the provision of safe heating for vulnerable individuals in secure facilities .

In order to minimize the risk of self harm, Contour’s latest anti-ligature radiator grille design incorporates 2mm holes at 4mm centres. This design has now been tested by a UKAS accredited laboratory and effectively exceeds IP3x standards (BS EN 60529) which tests for protection against the ingress of objects greater than 2.5mm in diameter.

Our new anti-ligature guard grille design means that Contour is well placed to meet the needs of UK prisons and secure custodial facilities. The Home Office Police Buildings Design Guide – Custody, July 2009, section PD3.02.14, details that grilles unless otherwise specified, should be perforated with 2mm diameter holes at 4mm centres.

The Certificate of Test Conformance can be viewed here.

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