LST Radiator And Radiator Cover News

14 Mar 2019

How Do You Repair LST Radiators?

In the unlikely event of there being a problem with your LST radiators, it’s important to understand what to do to get them repaired. Contour have been blogging about what you should do if you encounter an issue and the steps that we’ve [...]

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11 Mar 2019

Can I Have A Free Standing LST Radiator?

In commercial environments such as offices, hospitals and schools the design of the space can sometimes make the installation of a wall mounted heating system difficult and an alternative solution is required. Contour have been blogging [...]

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27 Feb 2019

Where Can I Purchase LST Radiators?

Installing LST radiators into a space can create safer environments for staff and service users or students. Choosing the right supplier for you is vital to ensuring that you receive the best heating solutions for your needs. Contour [...]

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25 Feb 2019

How Many LST Radiators Do You Need?

Getting the right number of LST radiators to meet the temperature requirements can vary based on the size of the environment that you have available. Here at Contour, we’ve been blogging about how you can ensure that you get the right [...]

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22 Feb 2019

What Do You Do If Your LST Radiator Doesn't Work?

LST Radiators are an important safety aspect in many commercial environments and it’s vital that they are working to their full capacity to keep spaces comfortable and up to the required temperature standards. If your LST radiators aren’t [...]

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21 Feb 2019

How Are LST Radiators Delivered To Site?

When providing LST Radiators, it’s important that the way that they are delivered to site offers minimal disruption to the client and to those within the space, particularly in a school or hospital where calm environments are key. Contour [...]

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15 Feb 2019

How Are LST Radiator Covers Made?

LST Radiators are an essential safety feature in many spaces such as primary schools, hospitals and residential care homes meaning they must be manufactured to the highest possible standard to maintain safety standards and high-quality [...]

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8 Feb 2019

How Do I Convert My Radiators To Be LST?

LST radiators offer several safety benefits that make them appealing to schools, hospitals, care homes and other commercial spaces where vulnerable people are moving around. They help to prevent the risk of burns and scalds from hot [...]

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7 Feb 2019

What Type Of Grilles Come With LST Radiators?

In safety conscious environments such as schools and hospitals, it’s vital that safe temperature standards are adhered to without impact on the heat output. The grille design of LST radiators should ensure that heat output is not affected [...]

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1 Feb 2019

Why Should You Use LST Radiators?

There are certain environments where a low surface temperature heating solution is vital. This is because particular areas in commercial sectors such as schools, hospitals and care homes, cater to those who are more at risk of injury [...]

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