5 Reasons To Choose Contour For Healthcare Facilities

5 Reasons To Choose Contour For Healthcare Facilities

Posted by leigh on 25 February 2018 15:50:20 GMT

Through close collaboration with clinicians, ward management, estate management and infection control teams, we’ve developed a range of products that mark us out as the innovation leaders in the UK LST radiators, anti-ligature radiators and radiator cover market.

Here are solid 5 reasons for choosing Contour when refurbishing hospitals, clinics, surgeries and other healthcare facilities.

  1. DeepClean™ LST Radiators and Metal Radiator Covers– The launch of the DeepClean range in 2006 revolutionised the design of radiator covers in the UK. Previously radiator guards had been closed, largely inaccessible units that could only be cleaned infrequently and with the active participation of estates teams. They accumulated dirt and debris easily and were recognised as sources of hygiene problems. That was dramatically changed by the advent of DeepClean with its patented door panel allowing quick access to the insider of radiators for regular cleaning. Contour’s innovative design meant that patients not only benefited with protection from hot surface temperatures but also from the improved hygiene regimes that DeepClean radiators and guards allowed.Contour LST Radiator Guards In Hospital Ward Refurbishment
  2. BioCote® protection – Contour is the only metal radiator cover manufacturer to incorporate anti-microbial technology into its radiator guards setting new standards in hygiene and service user protection. Uniquely amongst LST radiator & anti-ligature radiator cover manufacturers, Contour incorporates BioCote® anti-microbial protection into the paintwork of all our radiator guards, as standard. This technology provides effective and permanent protection to the surface of the guard, preventing the growth of harmful microbes such as bacteria and fungi. BioCote technology protects surfaces from microbes, helping in the fight against the spread of infection. A programme of regular testing shows that BioCote is effective in deactivating or killing colonies of pathogens including the H1N1 Influenza virus, Salmonella and Streptococcus faecalis bacteria, by up to 99.96% within a two hour period.
  3. Installing DeepClean saves time and money - DeepClean’s unique patented drop-down front access panel and quick release locks, allows one cleaner to easily access every surface of the radiator guard, without any support from Estates. This significantly improves cleaning efficiencies, raises hygiene standards and helps reduce overheads. Contour calculate that since 2006 DeepClean has potentially saved the NHS millions of Pounds in cleaning costs. Click here to see how we can substantiate this claim.DeepClean LST LST Radiators Mke Cleaning For Healthcare Easy
  4. We are the anti-ligature radiator guard specialists – Our specialist DeepClean anti-ligature radiators and guards are renowned for their innovative features that reduce the risk of self-harm by vulnerable healthcare service users. These include ventilation grilles that beat the BS IP3x Ingress Protection test, fully shrouded TRVs and tamper-proof internal fixings to prevent unauthorised access. We are recognised as setting the benchmark in this sector and consequently, Contour guards have been installed in over 90% of NHS Mental Health Trusts in the UK.Anti Ligature LST Radiators From Contour | LST Radiator Specialists For Mental Health
  5. We listen and work with our customers - At Contour we are acutely aware of the enormous demands placed day in and day out upon healthcare service providers. We know about these because we work collaboratively with all channel participants, from general and facilities managers, infection control teams, architects, M&E consultants through to contractors and installers. Through this collaboration, we ensure that we can develop the best product solutions for the healthcare market.


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